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A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking. - Arthur Block wallpaper Calendars

the BBC Online

Camera Obscura- a fascinating site by a young man who lost his sight in his twenties and is now an expert on accessibility. Since we are all "temporarily abled" perhaps we should all take a loook at this site

Canadian Classical Station on the Web: CFMX

And my latest obsession...also out of Ontario- Joe FM- sounds like somebody downloaded your IPod

The Capital Steps Comedy Troupe Homepage

Cookie Wall,POW, and Super Shredder to cut out those annoying marketing cookies, pop up windows, and make sure your deleted files are really deleted on your computer. You can keep them too if you want (write me I have a story you won't believe which is why I support Cookie Wall)


Soap Opera City's Daily Dose- best site on the web for updates

Desktop Games-Home of the Stress Reducer. Ever wanted to take a hammer to your computer desktop? Here's your chance! Find the link on this page:

Eat Wild. The Clearinghouse for Information about Pasture-Based Farming

..AND an article about how beef is fattened and raised in America

Eddie From Ohio..Folkin' Excellent since 1991...a great folk band

An Extensive List of Quotes

The Food Maven- Arthur Schwarz: a man who eats, sleeps and dreams food, and now that things are settled, is back to being broadcast on the web 12-1 EST. Take a look!

Food TV

God is Still Speaking. A new website for the United Church of Christ. Interactive, fresh and fun, it is also informative. check it out and keep the speakers on!

Jeopardy Online! I used to play this but it was pretty lame. Now it's a lot better. Check it out

Judy Chicago's Dinner Party The Table Is Set, at Last, in a Home
After two decades of shuttling between storage and short-term exhibitions, Judy Chicago's feminist installation "The Dinner Party" finds a permanent home in the Brooklyn Museum.

Ever wonder where you live? check out Google Maps!

How many people are there in the world right now

"In a World That Sings Together, Music is Bridging Cultural Chasms". An interesting article on the ever shrinking idea of World Music and indigenous music, along with some good ideas of samples from many countries. The 4th annual NY Times music survey

Java Effect Greeting Cards

Some great Art from a great artist! Bright, funky, serious, lovely. take a look!

Mapquest- where to go and how to get there. A great driving directions site

MSNBC's News Alert. News headlines delivered to your desktop. The coolest new "toy" on the web.

National Goegraphic photo of the day.

Sheraton Fallsview Hotel Official FallsCam

Not Quite as Seen on TV- Vern Yip, a makeover artist on the interior-design show "Trading Spaces," leads two design lives, one far more upscale than the other. NYTimes September 5, 2002 By BRADFORD McKEE

Orsinal Morning Sunshine- the sweetest, nicest, gentlest games. Great for kids (most of them are anyway). My favorites of the moment are Hydrophobia the Frog and Bubble Bees

Radio Free Europe

The Rogovoy Report of Popular Culture


The Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcast Playlist

The New York Times

The New York Times Sunday Magazine- shhhh!don't tell anyone, it's the best part

MPR's The Splendid Table- from soup to nuts..a radio show for people who love food, and the links on the page, including the ads, are great!

The Suite at Iglehof-wonder what you'll find at the end of your rainbow? It can't get any more wonderful than this!

The Last Word. December 2, 2001. NY Times Sunday Magazine. I adored Carrie Donovan, the late Times fashion editor (you might have known her as the "Old Navy" lady). I also adore Donna Karan, although she doesn't make clothes for BBW. One of Carrie's last interviews before she died last month was with Donna Karan, whom she "discovered".

Oprah Winfrey: Live Your best Life

Trading Spaces: More Fun than Humans should be allowed to have! Take 2 couples, give them a budget, a designer and 2 days time and see if they are still friends after redoing a room in each other's houses. On 7 days a week. Check out the site on TLC

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit - - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Imagine what I could have become if I'd found this sooner!(wink) Thanks to my companion Rebekah Tanner, you too can dissect (disss-sect, not die-sect) a frog virtually. This is a multi-language site

Voice of America Radio Webcasts

Need I say more?

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