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Lantern at the Large Coiled Pot with Moon Faces at the OCC Student Exhibit, April 2013

Last spring I had ceramic pieces of mine displayed in two shows on the campus of Onondaga Community College: "Lantern" was in our local "On My Own Time" display along a beaded necklace / ear rings set and a belt (all pictured above). The belt was selected for inclusion in the juried exhibition which featured pieces from each of the local venues, at the Everson Museum of Art in the 40th anniversary Central New York "On My Own Time" display in the autumn. The "Large Coiled Pot with Moon Faces" which was fired in the outdoor wood-burning kiln on campus was included in the annual "Student Art and Photography" exhibition in April, 2013.

Recent Work

Coiled pot with moon faces fired in the wood-burning kiln

Close-up photo of my large coiled pot.

Leatherback Turtle Leatherback Turtle Endangered

Three views of of my "Leatherback Turtle Shell" the tableau with the arrow is entitled "Endangered."

Sewing box in the form of a spool Sewing box in the form of a spool with lid off

By crafting everyday objects in an unexpected size one is made to reconsider the mundane. In this case the form of the spool of thread is repurposed as a container for housing scissors, pin cushion, tape measure, etc. This piece was also fired in the wood-burning kiln.

Wide-mouthed jar fired in the wood-burning kiln Interior of a wide-mouthed jar fired in the wood-burning kiln with a glaze called Toasted Cheese

Again, we see here a piece fired in the wood-burning kiln, note the flashing on the exterior and how the heat and chemistry of the kiln really made the glaze on the interior of the pot live up to its name: "Toasted Cheese."

Sushi service Small bowls with face design

In the autumn of 2013 I took a class in which we studies ceramic processes with an emphasis on surface techniques. We mixed and tested slips, stains and glazed. This "Sushi Service" and "Small Bowls" are some of our glazing results.

Bowl with face decorated with Slip: Leaf Bowl with face decorated with slip: Hands

And these two small bowls, also slump formed over a small sculpted stone face, display some of the slip techniques we explored in the processes class.

Unfired bowl with basket decorations

This is a very large bowl not intended as a utilitarian ware, as it is bone-dry but not fired. It is made from red, low-fire earthenware and has broken pieces made from the impression of a woven basket on its exterior. This is a work of art in which I explicitly address some of my political opinions as it was crafted shortly after the passage of the Federal Violence Against Women Act. Perhaps, if a time ever arrives when no woman anywhere has to fear physical, psychic, emotional, economic, sexual, or other forms of violence being done against them, then I will fire it.

Pizza, apple pie and a cracker

Sculpted pieces, don't take a bite!"

Triangular serving plate with triangular sections

This was one of the earliest successful pieces I made after coming to study under Andy Schuster at Onondaga Community College in January, 2011.


This selection of tiles span my entire pottery making experience with the "Skennon" tile crafted while I was studying with Eva Zook at the Parks and Recreation Arts and Crafts Center, the basket tiles are from the recent ceramics processes class, as are the test tiles -- these three represent the very first glazes I ever mixed myself.

Wheel Thrown Pieces

Tea bowl Tea bowl

Two views of a "Tea Bowl" with an inwardly sloping wall.

Cereal bowl Cereal Bowl

This bowl has become my favorite bowl for having my morning cereal. It was an early attempt at "throwing off the hump" and has a heavy bottom, which could be considered a flaw, but because it is very well balanced, I like its feel.

Saucer with tenmoko glaze></a>

<p>This tiny saucer just made itself one day as I was getting to the very last clay at the bottom of an

Petite bowls

Wasabi Bowl Wasabi Bowl Petite bowl with iron oxide Petite bowl with oribe and celadon glaze

A series of petite bowls (2 views of the ,one with low sides and celadon glaze) for wasabi, soy sause, pickled ginger each with different glazing experiments, one with an iron oxide pigment spot at bottom.

Early Work

Oblong bowl, coil built with dark blue glaze

This was one of my earliest successes, made while I was studying with Eva Zook. The fine coiled wall and deep blue glaze make it a pleasure to look at and use. It is the perfect size for serving a side-dish at dinner, and it gets used often in my home.

Large oblong serving with fox-head handles

This is a large serving piece with handles in the form of fox's heads. It has a beautiful blue-gray glaze and was another very early success made by coiling.

Nightgown of the Sullen Moon tableau

This tableau in celebration of personal and world peace is based on Nancy Willard's 1983 picture book Nightgown of the Sullen Moon which was illustrated by Davis McPhail (NY: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich Publishers). It is a modified tea pot form with a large moon disk on the lid. The needlepoint on her nightgown was done by Rev. Andrea L. Stoeckel; she has earrings made of bone and African trade beads, and is holding a small origami crane. This piece was crafted during the last months of my beloved dog, Chao Sing's long life. It now holds her last license, as well as the obituary notices and funeral programs of all of the people who my family loved that have passed since that time. This is the piece which was the inspiration for my decision to change careers from librarianship to caregiver services and inspired my vision of that ministry which I call "Pots for our Tears" which uses the making of art as a means to create respite opportunities for those who care for their aging or disabled loved ones.

Lantern with sail boat motif

And finally, a close up of the lantern, with its light reflecting interior mirror.

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