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"I have come to understand and therefore to define "mindfulness" in this way: "Current, compassionate, self-awareness based in and focused upon the biological rhythms that occur not only in the individual and the human community, but in the planetary and universal community of ALL MY RELATIONS." (p. 46 in Five Sesame Seeds
Art Exhibition

Syracuse, NY, 17 September 2016: As I continue to grow my own future both locally and online, I thought about starting a blog. After looking around at the options, decided that I would just make better use of my long existing Web site and its mostly unused storage space at So, I will be writing brief articles like this one, and posting them there at least weekly under the link (quoting Yogi Berra) called ￿When you come to a fork in the road, take it.￿ For folks who wish to respond, they can do so by e-mail to If they want their responses published, I will offer that service. A bit primitive in this fast-paced world of Blogging, but more up my alley or fork, if you will. Some of my articles may be appropriate for LinkedIn or Facebook, and I will post them in those forums when they are. However, my site will be home base.

Early in the summer I had my first large-scale showing of my original art at the House of S. Jaye, 233 North Clinton Street, in downtown Syracuse. That was the start of what has turned into an adventure in entrepreneurship I had not imagined when I agreed to show my lifetime of work publicly. Bit by bit, that is what has been coming together, ever since.

First and foremost, I have begun using the Advanced Certificate in Interdisciplinary Trauma Studies in some small projects and as the primary caregiver to my own spouse.

Then along came VIDA with their invitation to take my original art and transform it through digital imagery into clothing and accessories. In Just 10 short weeks I am now 84% of the way to being a GOLD status designer (based on number of items sold) which is the landmark VIDA needs a designer to reach in order for them to pick you up and begin doing publicity for you on their Web site and in other promotions. I will also be taking this collection on the road at the BUY LOCAL BASH in Syracuse on Monday, November 21, 2016 from 5:00 ￿ 9:00 pm at the ￿F￿ Shed at the Regional Market. Get your tickets to this wonderful, hometown-spirited event at CenterState CEO (Corporation for Economic Opportunity). Also, you might want to take advantage of the ART + AUTUMN discount (see below), good through September 26, 2016. My designs can be bought anytime at:

And then there is the work I have been best known for these past five (5) years: Tutoring.

So, while I hate to be critical in public, I￿m going to do it, anyway. When the institution I had been working for decided to not ￿invite￿ me back this semester I could only draw one conclusion. It wasn￿t my tutoring that was the problem, because I have worked successfully tutoring 27 different courses with some of the college￿s most challenging and challenged students ￿ students from war zones, refugees, ESL & International students, students with learning disabilities and even a few on the Autism Spectrum￿. I had to face the fact that there is an awful lot of talk about diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism going around, but in the final analysis, when you call people on the privilege they have and the blindness that causes them to have, nobody wants to hear it. Instead, you receive an unsigned letter addressing you as ￿Dear Colleague￿ informing you that your ￿expertise￿ is not needed at this time.

Nevertheless, the fact remains, I am a GREAT tutor. The breadth and depth of my knowledge is highly unusual, and I am skilled in articulating what I know in terms that those who are not yet as well educated as I am can understand and BE INSPIRED by. I help my students feel empowered by learning so that their current lack of privilege will not be a barrier to their futures. That said, you can hire me privately as your tutor, if you wish.

VIDA discount codes good through September 26, 2016

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