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"The overlapping categories of Indigenist ontology create an experience of the world distinct from, but in every way equal to, the Western European ontology of discreet bounded entities. This alterity gives rise to a different worldview, from which a very real standpoint comes into being. This standpoint discloses a difference of politics. It signifies a manifest site of change that would have been necessary to undergo, in the process of adapting to ontological gendercide within the American Indian genocide in the Americas. For many, because the genocide of indigenous languages was never metamorphosed, this nontransformed ontological site reflects a nondiscreet, inclusive, living nonbinary dualism, inclusively celebrated in articulations of “all my relations.”"
~~ Dr. Anne S. Waters, Language Matters — A Metaphysic of NonDiscreet NonBinary Dualism (2002)

Quote by Brandon Wint Page, Art by Sami Slenker

Multifarious and Kaleidoscopic

It has been a busy year, first seeking out a new place to live, applying, packing, moving, settling in, and reestablishing joy. I haven't made as much art as I might have liked, but I have been creative in other ways.

I have done my best to stay in communication with folks I care about. Then, a week or 10 days ago one of those conversations taking place in the world of social networking took an ugly turn. At first, I thought I would be aligning myself with one speaker, but as things progressed, I found my sentiments were not with her. The exclusionary, inflamatory, downright hateful language she engaged in really gave me a reason to take a BIG PAUSE and reevaluate my own stand on the important matter of gender identity, especially in the Indigenous context, and as relates to those who feel comfortable with the lable (for themselves) of Transgendered.

I decided a re-reading of Dr. Anne Waters' article on the topic was needed, and I also mentioned the article with a link to it. Another person involved said that they would like to read it but for dyslexia, which made it a tough go. In fact, Dr. Waters can be a tough go for anyone -- so I said I'd do what I could to maybe make it a bit more accessible. As I did, new vistas of thought opened for me.

If you want to see what I came up with, follow this link: The Dangers of Nonunderstandings by Rebekah Tanner, July 2018
Happy reading!

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