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When we knew Hsaio Lung, he was a real clown of a guy. He lived with Chao Sing from the time he was 11 weeks old until Christmas Day 1999, just a few weeks after his 3rd birthday. He lived with her in a small Ranch-style house on the shore of an unnamed body of water (a bog, really) in a hamlet called Wassaic, in Dutchess County, New York. He was born was under circumstances that were less than ideal, his Mom was simply called "Dog" and when he came to us, he needed lots of love and special care. He had to have vitamins and a dose of powered calcium everyday for over a year, until his teeth and bones got good and strong. He was very difficult to housebreak, but we did it! And even though he was neutered quite young, he was always trying to get Chao Sing's "attention." His name means "Little Dragon" and he sure did have some special spark in him! If it had been up to us, he would have stayed, but he really belonged to someone else, and when she left, so did he .... We still miss him so muc and sometimes, he visits us in the deep sleep of our dreamings.

Here are some sites about beagles:

Beagle Colors

Some very handsome dogs are pictured here, and for even more information on this lovable & energetic, rabbit hunting breed see: http://clubs.akc.org/NBC/beagle_standard.htm.

The Official Peanuts Home Page

That's right, America's most famous beagle is one of America's most famous comic strip characters, the beloved Snoopy!

Meet Agriculture's Beagle Brigade

The United States Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service utilizes the fine nose of the beagle to do inspections at America's international airports.

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