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She last lived on a quiet street behind a Catholic school and across from the church on the Northside of Syracuse. Now her remains are in a friend's garden in Liverpool, NY not far from the Hopkins Road Baseball Park and Lake Onondaga, places she loved to walk, play, and just show off how lovely she was. Her name was Chao Sing Panda RKT and she was a black American Cocker Spaniel. Her last day with us was 18 August 2010, just 27 days short of her 17th birthday. She has left behind her dachsie male friend, her momma (that's Reba) and her momma's friend, Andi. (She once had a beagle-brother, but he has lived somewhere else for long time.

This is her story, and the story of her kind.

She was born fourth in an AKC registered litter of eight healthy pups in Jackson Corners, Columbia County, New York on 15 September 1993. Her future family came to choose her when she was only 5 weeks old and returned two weeks later to claim her as dooga-daughter! In the meantime, names was considered and the one that was right for her: "Chao Sing" was selected. In the Mandarin Chinese that had held her new momma's heart since girlhood, she would be named: "Chao Sing." It means "morning-star" -- at birth she she was all black, save for the white blaze at her throat and the tiny, perfectly centered white chin-beard, which has expanded to a fully white muzzle as she has aged.

She wasn't not much of a talker, though she did hum or growl from time to time. When outside she'd sometimes see fit to call back to the neighborhood dogs with her song-like bark, but not usually. Now she has no voice, so I, the human she picked to be her "momma," will be telling the the story of life we shared together. She truly was the very best friend I have ever had. For a long time this Web page was written in the present tense, but I have had to do the painful revision to past tense. May her memory be ever a blessing.

I'm Reba, retired librarian and soon to be art student. I have lived with 6 dogs in my life, 3 of which I have been the prime caretaker to, but only Chao Sing has ever been "my dog." Being a generally curious person myself, I've done lots of on the species which has historically been so loyaly to humans, and especially on the breed that I find most appealing.

Early in Chao's life I thought for a long time about finding some prince of a guy to mate her with, but she had other ideas, so Chao Sing she was spayed when she was 3 years old. In my search I initially engaged in a e-mail / snail mail letter writing campaign to find folks who breed ACS. Through those contacts I've met some wonderful, helpful folks (and a few not so).

I've formulated some strong opinions about American Cocker Spaniels, and about showing, breeding, health related issues and the treatment of canines in general in this country. I am interested in the history of the breed, common ailments, proper testing to detect potential problems and the phenomenon where by this once extremely popular breed has been declining in popularity for the past many.

Chao Sing in the livingroom, 2004: showing off her gray muzzle.

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Braod Institute at Mass. Institute of Technology: The Dog Genome Project

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