female downy woodpecker by Tony Northrup


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    A Poem for Dr. Waters

Yesterday, where a lone tree stood
surrounded by two feet or more of snow,
a small Eastern Woodpecker called
a shrill "Cheep, Cheep"
to get my attention
letting me catch a glimpse
before darting around the trunk
leaving me able
to view only her bobbing head,
eyes masked,
as it peeked around to watch me.
We shared several minutes together
before responsibilities called me indoors.

Spring will come!
The renewing rhythms of life are
awaiting the moment when she drums
instead of calls.

The foundation has been laid.
It is now time to follow your own rhythms
of discriminating intellect and
forthcoming change.

Rebekah Tanner
13 February 2014
Syracuse, NY

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Photograph of a female Eastern Downy Woodpecker by Tony Northrup http://www.northrup.org/photos/downy-woodpecker/