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Transformations and Blessings in Retirement

Still a wordsmith, artist & carer who is gifted in the art of inquiry


April 14, 2024:

ZOO RUN RUN at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Syracuse, NY.

Join me and my spouse as part of our team, or if so inclined, by making a donation:

The Red Wolf Walkers

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I'll begin with a project I have was involved in during 2023:
"The Siddur as an Instrument of Resilience."

During the spring of 2022 my spouse was hospitalized for 17 days. During that particularly lonely period of the already isolating Covid-19 experience I had previously signed up to hear a lecture series offered by the Rabbinic Assembly. The particular event offered by Rabbi Jan Uhrbach on prayer was very helpful to me during those difficult days.

In fact, I found Rabbi Jan's words so inspiring I began thinking about how I could put her ideas into action. I came up with a brief proposal that I offered to the Programming Committee of Temple Adath Yeshurun in Syracuse, NY which I called "Words from the Siddur." Now, mind you, the extent of my Hebrew language facility left (and still leaves) quite a bit to be learned. Nevertheless, as a retired librarian I felt I could search for sufficient resources to support a series of peer-to-peer dialogs about a small group of important words from a number of frequently said prayers from the the Jewish daily prayer book, called in Hebrew, "Siddur."

The outcome of this year of self-study which I then have been privileged to share with a small number of fellow students were 4 small booklets that I created in PDF format and offer here fort anyone who might find them of use or interest. Blessed be, and shalom!


El Adon - Lord of All

Ein Keloheinu: the Song, the Words, the NAME

Psalm 99 - Rom'meu

This research is freely offered in my Mother's memory.


This is My Syracuse


Queer like...

The Sacred

The Mundane

Amospheric Phenomenon

Flora and Fauna


For many years I have been reasearching and gathering information about the Canadian Wendat Nation and their cousins and descendents in the United States. Original Inhabitants of the region north of the St. Lawrence River & Lake Ontario, as far as the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron, the contemporary Canadian Hurrone-Wendat Nation now live just north of Quebec City. Much of my research was available on the earlier version of my Web site. Mostly, I plan on only placing fresh material here. Nevertheless, one item which took 6 years to develop and was the work of many hands and is now essentially an inactive archive. It contains so much beautiful artwork and useful information making it worthy of being linked here, in my opinion.

Wandat / Wendat Women's Handiwork

This research is freely offered in my Father's memory.

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