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"We seem to have forgotten that the humanist and the scientist or the artist and the mathematician have a great deal in common, a zone of creativeness, in which the intuitive imagination, working with either symbols or words or signs, arrives at its goal, both of them moving toward a supreme beauty and a stern perfection."
-- P. G. Ruggiers: The Humanities

My kind-of-blog articles on topics that interest me such as: on being a caregiver, living and loving art, resiliency, and the transitions of retirement can now be found (as Yogi Berra would say) at:
"When You Come To A Fork In the Road, Take It"

Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you

I have been translating my original art work into fashions accessories. They are available for purchase at:

Original art and craft available at my shop on Facebook at: Winged Fox Enterprises

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About My Ceramics and Photos of My Ceramics

My independent study project for Trauma and Loss, PSY 599-033, 3rd Quarter, 2015 with Dr. Karen Wolford, Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Trauma Studies Certificate Program, SUNY Oswego:

Five Sesame Seeds: Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Trauma, Loss and Depression -- An Ethnocultural and Didactic Exploration
Paper in PDF format at:
Sample lesson from the workbook in PowerPoint at:

Other pages I have created:

My "Must See" Favorites

The Willow Tea Rooms of Charles Rennie Mackintosh: An Honors Paper Written for Design I Spring 2011

Girl Standing in the Trees: A Paper Written for Contemporary American Literature, Autumn 2012

The Four Spiritual Types: Resources for Friends

Dr. Anne (Schulherr) Waters, J. D. Ph.D.

A Web Site about Doc. Waters: Seminole philospher, poet, lawyer, indiginist, womanist, author (and my mentor in Native American philosophy).

ARCH Library: Aging Consultation Resources and Help from the New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

A Wendat Biblio-Essay: My Gift to the Seventh Generation

A History of the Wendat People in Fifteen Minutes and an Accompanying Bibliography

The Role of Music in Language Revival: A Paper Written for Language and Culture Spring 2012

Learnen Yiddish Mit Libe

Images My Dad Left Behind

Chao Sing and Her Kind: American Cocker Spaniels

The Speed of Transformation is Uncanny

Toby the Dachshund

Hsaio Lung the Beagle

An Inadvertent Dance

I am a New Yorker

Just something beautiful:

Legendes amerindiennes du sirop derable

Please also visit The page where my spouse keeps details about all of her book reading and reviewing at ROKINREV REVIEW - ANDREA STOECKEL: AVOCATIONAL READER AND REVIEWER , as well as her archived site that she has not updated in... well, years and years. THE ROCKINREV REVIEW. She had put a huge effort into it and it has some amazing links to religious (primarily Protestant) sites, then-current events (she is a news junkie!) and some other pretty interesting stuff.


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